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The ioDrive2 Duo replaces the older ioDrive Duo and delivers outstanding performance for business consumers. It is offered in two different capacities–1.



Para fazer uma reclamação da garantia, por favor, contacte SanDisk para o número de telefone na tabela ou dentro do período de garantia, fornecendo prova de compra (mostrando an information e local de compra e o nome do revendedor) e nome do Produto, tipo e número.

There’s TRIM assistance and end-to-conclusion knowledge path security for your files, and State-of-the-art have on-leveling and State-of-the-art rubbish collection for greater performance more than longer periods of use.


Keitimo atveju SanDisk gali pakeisti Gaminį tokiu, kuris anksčiau buvo naudojamas, sutaisytas ir testuotas dėl SanDisk reikalavimų atitikimo.

Az (i)-(vi) pontok alatt felsorolt esetekre és eszközökként való felhasználására szánt SanDisik termékekkel kapcsolatos információért kérjük, keresse fel a hosszú élettartamú termékekkel kapcsolatos termékoldalunkat a következő linken: below

Transcend has constantly been inclusive when it involves their drives, selling even scaled-down storage capacities to cater to price range-conscious individuals. The MTS800 goes approximately 75K IOPS for each 4KB random browse and 4KB random publish.

The 850 Pro series makes use of its very own MEX controller together with 3D NAND (V-NAND) like its successor, which boosts density without compromising on performance. And it’s still ahead from the competition in lots of places.

That higher correct design appeared quite neat in the time, And that i by no means imagined we'd see it materialize, but fewer than 24 hours ago this arrived on the office:


company’s also greedy? Currently being here a individual who works for just one the worlds largest companies and hearing this all of the time, its simply a Silly remark. People don’t comprehend the bucks put in and R&D to be able to extend push speeds, and so forth.

Voit palauttaa Tuotteen hankkimalla ensin palautusnumeron (RMA-numero) ja noudatettuasi mahdollisia muita mainittuja ohjeita. Lisätietoja saat englanniksi osoitteesta kohdasta ”guidance”. Tämä takuu edellyttää Tuotteen palauttamista. SanDisk ei ole vastuussa kuljetuksen aikana kadonneista tai vahingoittuneista Tuotteista.

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